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LS Chevy Valve Springs
Springs, Shims

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BMP Valve Springs are the choice of winning racers. They know that HARDCORE Valve Springs deliver the high quality and superior dependability required to meet their performance requirements. Whether you run on the drag strip, circle track, off-road or on the water, BMP Valve Springs can offer you the same performance to deliver you to the Winner's Circle, too. BMP Valve Springs start with the highest quality wire available. All of the four alloys used - Chrome Silicon, Special Silicon, H-11 Tool Steel and the proprietary M-3000 alloy - are all manufactured and inspected to the highest industry standards. Quality of the wire is the first essential step in manufacturing springs designed for extreme, high and aggressive cam lifts and ramp speeds!

LS Chevy Valve Springs
LS Chevy Valve Springs
product variations
702204-16 702204-16 - SET OF 16 Springs,1.437"Dbl.(SB-2) 125Lbs @ 1.850, 340Lbs @ 1.210, Coil Bind @ 1.160 -Hyd Roller or Solid Flat Tappet- Used in World Products WarHawk 12° & 15° Aluminum Cylinder Heads--each-
702206-16 702206-16 - SET OF 16 Springs,1.550"Dbl.(SB-3) 200Lbs @ 1.900, 480Lbs @ 1.200, Coil Bind @ 1.150 Solid Roller, Used in World Products WarHawk 12° & 15° Aluminum Cylinder Heads --each--