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Manifold Face Off PART 2 May 17, 2012
Manifold Face Off PART 2

Just thought I'd put tonight in print for ya.  8.69 @146, spinning of the line, at both gear changes, and out of it at the top end around 1000'.  Not bad for a shitty run.  Definately wants to run better than that.  Friday night will tell the tale, I'll be on a prepped track then.  No prep tonight and track was shit.  DA was about 8200-8300 ft as well, so take that into account.  Last time I ran the car DA was at approx 7200-7500 ft.  Potential?  Definately.  Better than the Edelbrock?  Looks like it right now.  Now imagine it professionally prepared, and not home ported like mine.......Honestly, I think it's a game changer, people just need to realize it.  I'm hoping Chad has similar or better results with his as well, and that the head test shows the same.  BMP/World Castings should be and will be a player again in the market, and not the subject of uninformed, uneducated, unknowing bashing on forums where something that happened 5-6 years ago is "standard".  Watch out Dart, Edelbrock, Brodix, and the others...

Talk to you again soon,

Mark A. Goulette

Owner and Driver, Livin' the Dream Racing Dragster