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Small Block Chevy Engines
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Tesar Engineering

545 Tamarack Ave. Long Lake, MN 55356

PHONE: (952) 473-0203 Contact: John M. Tesar

EMAIL: jtesar@tesarengineering.net


In 1966 Tesar Engineering was established in the family garage building engines for various local and regional stock car racing series. By 1992, our dedication to staying current with cutting-edge technology meant the business had outgrown its space at home.  The decision was made to step up and move into a larger facility.
With additional space available we were able to obtain some of the most advanced equipment for machining blocks and engine components.  The lineup includes a state-of-the-art CNC Newen cylinder head machine, a SuperFlow Dyno and flow bench for research development and engine testing.  The equipment, shop talent and routine freshen-ups have allowed customers with Late Model and Modified engines to run up to 13 full seasons on the same core engine.

“Whatever divisions you race in, you need your engine builder to provide you with the reliability to finish the race, the power to get you to victory lane, and the dominance to win championships,” states owners  Mike and Gary Tesar.

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