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Small Block Chevy Engines
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Late Model Engines

6040 Brittmore Road - Suite J, Houston, TX 77041

PHONE: (713) 849-4505 Contact: Bryan Neelsen

EMAIL: sales@latemodelengines.com

Late Model Engines, LME, specializes in high performance LSX engine development. Located in Houston, Texas, we maintain a fully equipped machine shop including multiple three-axis CNC block machining centers, Sunnen honing systems, Hines electronic balancer, SuperFlow flowbench and SuperFlow EFI engine dyno. As a strictly custom engine machine shop, 100% of our research and development is dedicated to improving efficiency and reliability of each high performance LS based engine.

While we serve horsepower needs for international clients, we have built a large base in the USA, where we currently power the top four of the fastest 25 LSXs in Texas. Assisting us in our quest for horsepower is our in-house EFI engine dyno which allows us to tailor the dynamics of each engine to the customer’s specific needs and validate their engine’s performance. Through attention to detail, quality components and superior customer service, LME provides unsurpassed performance and the highest quality custom engines available in the LSX market today. .


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