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Small Block Chevy Engines

Small Block Chevy Engines
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Big Block Chevy Engines

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Bad Attitude

High Performance & Racing Engines

19151 Southeast 23rd Place, Morriston FLA 32668

PHONE: (352) 528-5386 Contact: Tommy Eufemia

EMAIL: tommy@badattitudeengines.com


Every Bad Attitude engine is custom built for your application. Whether you're looking for a new bullet for your daily driver, weekend warrior or max effort "heads up" race car, we can hook you up!

American V8s is what we do, any GM, Ford, or Mopar from mild performance upgrades on restored muscle cars to big cubic inch monsters, naturally aspirated, blown, turbocharged or nitrous assisted.

Recently we have come up with some BIG POWER PUMP GAS ENGINES, how about a 572 BBC that made 807 HP on the dyno and could easily handle a 250 shot of nitrous, or a ProCharged 355 SBC that made 733 HP, both were on safe tune ups and run on 93 octane Sunoco with no additives

When you order an engine from us,  you'll get a detailed build sheet, itemized invoice listing every part, all machine work, port work with flow bench data, and all other labor, Dyno Sym program results, a photo CD of the entire build from start to finish (over 100 pics) a DVD of all the dyno pulls, copies of the dyno sheets, Bad Attitude T shirts and decals.

Contact them now and get a World Products Engine built for you by

Bad Attitude!


The complete line of World Products are available from Bad Attitude:

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